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Jackalope, a classic American-style bar, offers you a quaint and private space that has been designed with luxurious comfort in mind. Upon arriving to Jackalope, customers will feel the vibe of classic Americana recreated in the heart of Saigon. 

The legendary horned rabbit of which the bar is named after, will greet you from atop his resting place at the bar as you enter. 

At Jackalope, you can experience a diverse menu, from beautifully constructed cocktails to famous international whiskeys. Stop by the Jackalope and let our bartenders mix and match cocktails just for you!


Jackalope bar

Our Signature Cocktails

The drink menu is uniquely designed, including a Signature Menu with signature cocktails only available at Jackalope as well as classic cocktails you know and love.

Jackalope bar

Our Foods

Stylishness is not only reflected in the style of dress but also expressed in the way of enjoying cuisine. Pairing food and drink harmoniously is never easy, especially for drinks like cocktails. However, knowing how to enjoy it will help us have an incredibly delicious experience. So how to enjoy cocktails and stylish food? Jackalope tells you how.

Chips & Queso
Jackalope bar

Live Acoustic

The perfect way to end your week…

Live Acoustic is held every Sunday to further enhance the date night atmosphere for you and your special someone.

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