The Story of Bartender Jackalope – Meet our Bartender


Mr. Luan

Bartender Jackalope - Mr. Luan

Bartender Jackalope – Mr. Luan

Come to Jackalope every night to meet Bartender Luân and have wonderfully crafted cocktails created right in front of you. This thoughtful, careful, and incredibly elegant gentleman will attract you with his own color and personality.

The Tempest drink by Bartender Luân will leave you speechless with its harmonious combination of sweet peach fragrance in the background of herbal Gin with jasmine flavor. You won’t be disappointed by this ideal cocktail which brings with it a flavor that brings back stories, memories, or a gentle greeting.

Mr. Quyet

Bartender Jackalope - Mr. Quyet

Bartender Jackalope – Mr. Quyet

“A bartender is the person who holds the soul of a bar.”

Bartender Quyet is the one who holds a part of Jackalope’s soul through his mix of Tokyo Prairie Plum cocktail. Tokyo Prairie Plum is a smooth combination of Vodka and Umeshu (Japanese plum wine) blended with sweet caramel syrup with a creamy aftertaste and a delicate sweet and sour balance to elevate your palate. Tokyo Prairie Plum cocktail is a perfect choice for those who want a delicious, easy drinking cocktail.

Stop by Jackalope, sip on Tokyo Prairie Plum and chat with Bartender Quyet for a soulful experience.

Ms. Tu San

As the only female Bartender of the Jackalope family, Tu San will definitely leave a deep impression on you because of her strong and charismatic style.

Bartender Jackalope - Ms. Tu San

Bartender Jackalope – Ms. Tu San

San has a taste for mixing heavy, bold whiskey-flavored cocktails. If you like the smell of herbs and spice, you cannot ignore Cinamon Haze shown through the excellent performance of Tu San. The richness of Blended Scotch Whiskey right from the first sip blends with the warm cinnamon flavor and ends with a strong coffee flavor that brings a deep sweet and bitter feeling.

Behind each talented pair are stories.

If you don’t know where to go this week, let’s go to Jackalope!

Enjoy a shot of Blended Scotch Whiskey, Ms. Bartender Tu San will definitely not disappoint you!



56 Pho Duc Chinh, District 1, HCMC

Hotline: 0901162860

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