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Jackalope Bar is an ideal date spot with a romantic space, designed with a modern rustic concept and imbued with classic Americana with a careful layout in mind from the interior decor and bar design to the lighting. All these elements have created a classic and luxurious space, while still maintaining a cozy and romantic vibe.

The drink menu is uniquely designed, including a Signature Menu with signature cocktails only available at Jackalope as well Classic cocktails menu with famous cocktails you know and love. In addition, you can ask the bartender to prepare for you a Bespoke cocktail designed according to your tastes and preferences.

Live Acoustic is held every Sunday to further enhance the date night atmosphere for you and your special someone.

So come to Jackalope and to get to avoid the mundane and make it a memorable date night instead.


“Half-antelope, half-jackrabbit, the enigmatic jackalope darts through stories of American folklore. The creature is purported to have the body of a rabbit and the horns of an antelope. “
These horned rabbits are powerful, and so fast that they’re almost impossible to catch. But anyone who does catch a jackalope should use caution. They risk getting kicked, clawed, and gored by a rabbit with antlers.
If these creatures are so powerful and dangerous, then how were we able to acquire the authentic jackalope mount that watches over our bar today?
Well, the mighty Jackalope does have one very big weakness…Whiskey!
Anyone hoping to catch a jackalope should leave the spirit out for them to find. Jackalopes love whiskey and, once intoxicated, they become easier to catch.
Jackalopes hopped their way into the hearts and minds of Americans in the early 1900s. Their mounts started appearing on the walls of hotel lobbies and local saloons in the rough and rugged countryside of the western United States, and in turn, the legend of the jackalope spread like summer wildfire.
Now, with a little enticement of some fine whiskey, a jackalope has made the long journey across the Pacific Ocean to an unlikely, but welcoming landing spot right here in the heart of Saigon, Vietnam.”
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